Mobile Make up and Dressing Service

Crossdressing Service mobile will be coming very soon, covering the North East Bethan our North East Consultant can visit you on your hotel and do your make up and dress you in your own clothes ready for you big night out. Please note Bethan will only visit hotels not private homes. If you wish to hire our clothes


Props to complete your transformation

  • Makeup

    Indulge yourself in a full professional facial and make up service starting with moisturiser and primer to help smooth out them fine lines and refine your skin.  A gentle beginning for your crossdressing service foundation makeup.

    You will be pampered with the finest cosmetics available such as, Clarins Instant Light Radiance, Clinique’s Super primer Face Primer range. Enjoy a three-step approach face mask/cleanse, moisturise, and prime.  You can just relax and enjoy this pampering stage.

    Camouflage and Concealment Transformation Make-up.

    To enhance the femme an ordinary liquid foundation may not be sufficient.  For those five o’clock shadows ‘Dermacolor’ or ‘Dermablend’. Dermablend gives a great smooth liquid camouflage we have concealers in 5 shades to provide seamless, flawless camouflage and an ultra-smooth finish. (Don’t forget to shave as close as possible just before you arrive).

    Our make up products are of the highest quality:

    MAC, NYX, E.L.F., L’oreal, Maybelline , Mineral Makeup Company and more.

    We will tidy up and shape your brows to in a very feminine style, apply eyeliner along the line of the upper eyelashes can give create the effect of a wider eye look add mascara, and false eyelashes if requested. For the eyes we have a catalogue of styles and choices for eye design make up, the colour should compliment the clothing and dress style.

    A little blusher swept across the upper cheek can add that touch of colour, producing a natural effect and giving a sense of feminine prominence to the cheek bones.

    Transformation make-up lip liner, lipsticks and lip gloss we have a massive range of choices  laid  out before you.

    Finally some crossdressing foundation makeup powder to fix that makeup in place. 

    slightly tinted rather or Dermablend’s translucent powder as a finishing touch for your crossdressing foundation make up.

    We will get your transformation make-up right and you will be the belle of the ball.

  • Manicure

    We provide a cross dressing manicure for your own nails this makes all the difference to beautiful hands. That wonderful professional beauty salon treatment can make your hands look fabulously feminine. What could be more pleasing to the feminine eye that those bright red nails or pink polish flashes of colour bringing your cross dressing manicure hands to life? 

    We also provide a false nail service at an extra cost , these are re usable nails. We can dress the nails with some amazing nail art design so you get the feeling of being in a salon environment the thrill of a personal cross dressing manicure. Or you can choose from our selection of ready painted false nails that we will apply.

  • Breast Forms

    There are many kinds of breast forms for your crossdressing bra With all this choice you will quite naturally be overwhelmed at first.  We have a luxury selection for you to try .

    When crossdressing you want that realistic feeling of having your own breasts: of weight, of bounce, of shape.  Our silicone breast forms give you a truly realistic experience.

    The feeling is fabulous and Wonderfully feminine.

    We will help you with your choice and size of course. Some crossdressers are drawn to the larger sizes. But beware: you do not want to create a matronly impact. The idea is to accentuate the feminine form with your breast’s and not overwhelm it completely. Think carefully before you go much beyond a D cup. 

    And don’t underestimate the femininity off a B or C cup, getting the right fit between the cup of your bra and the size of your breast forms is likely to involve a little trial and error but we always have fun along the way.

  • Outfits

    The Crossdressing service’s wardrobes are extensive and continually evolving, we have something to suit everybody’s taste’s in a wide range of colours, beautiful fabric’s and size’s.

    Imagine delving into some beautiful lingerie bra’s and pantie’s in satin, silk, and lace.

    Nothing defines a woman quite so much as her crossdressing bra. Not only does it accentuate her feminine shape, the bra affects the way she stands, the way she walks, the way she feels about herself, there are different kinds of crossdressing bra: full cup, demi-cup, push-up, balcony, wired and non-wired, plunge, the list goes on.

    Stockings, tights 5 or 10 denier in a range of colours and styles.

    Suspenders :satin and lace suspender belt’s.

    Shape wear:

    Tight-laced corsets , the joyful task of lacing you into your perfect corset so exquisitely feminine, so energising and elegant. We have under bust corsets and over bust corsets, steel boning, the straight busks and spoon busks of corsets curving inwards on that troublesome tummy, goring to emphasise the curve from the lower part of your waist to your hips. Corsets may be worn as lingerie under clothes or over your clothes as a provocative statement of crossdressing style. There are no hard and fast rules here, except making sure that you look your very best. A good corset is designed to create a waist reduction of up to four to six inches.

    Crossdressing Services UK stocks:

    Casual ,day wear, evening attire and ball gowns for those special occasions. All in stunning fabrics satin , lace, chenille, leather, latex, to name a few. In all sizes shapes and forms.

    You may want more of a characterisation look and feel. Tarty, sissy maid, secretary, school mistress, decade’s 50’s-60’s or Alice in wonderland maybe! this list is endless and we have it all for you to try. We also try to take on board any other request’s so please feel welcome to suggest your own idea’s during our Crossdressing Service booking process.

    All our clothing is dry cleaned after every session and our housekeeping is immaculate.

    And of course shoes high healed, kitten, flats in all colours and sizes to suit your need’s.


    Jewellery is an absolute essential in our crossdressing accessories bag of goodies. We have a gorgeous collection of necklace’s, bracelet’s, earrings, rings, watches, hand bag’s, clutch bag’s, day bag’s, belts, and glove’s.

  • Accessories

    Jewellery is an absolute essential in our crossdressing accessories bag of goodies.  We have a gorgeous collection of necklace’s, bracelet’s, earrings, rings, watches, hand bag’s, clutch bag’s, day bag’s, belts, and glove’s.

    Every accessory you will need to complete your feminine look.