Cross Dressing Services in Huddersfield

Our all inclusive luxury Crossdressing Service packages for you to explore your inner female

Copper, bronze, silver, gold, platinum and ultra Platinum 

Whichever one you choose, you will receive the same close attention to detail which is the hallmark of our ultra-feminine, personal and totally discrete service. When you arrive, I will serve refreshments and you will be invited to talk about what you would like to achieve during your time with Crossdressing Service UK.

Then step-by-wonderful-step, I will lead you on a journey of discovery and together reveal your essential feminine self: the woman within you. This is an experience full of womanly delights, which includes:

Lingerie is selected especially for you. Only the finest satins, silks and lace. Corsets and breast forms to accentuate your feminine figure.

Copper Package

Crossdressing Copper Package 

1 hour make up and go

This is simply for a make up lesson, you will receive a full facial massage, cleanse and tone and then have your make up applied for you to complete the look for an evening out.

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Bronze package

Crossdressing Bronze Package

How can you resist this introduction to out crossdressing service? For two fabulous hours you will be spoiled and pampered, with lots of tips and advice on the way.

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Silver package

Crossdressing Silver Package

This level of our crossdressing service allows you to spend time exploring my wardrobes and trying more styles: perhaps a sumptuous ball gown followed by a satin skirt and blouse or by a sophisticated day dress and hat for a day at the races.

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Gold Package

Crossdressing Gold Package

Four hours of pure bliss as you try outfit after outfit, style after style. Discovering with joy the many ways in which you may express the feminine you. You will have the time and leisure to be a beautiful, radiant bride and then slip into the seductive skirt and blouse of a siren.

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Platinum Package

Crossdressing Platinum Package

Eight hours of fun fully emerging in the crossdressing experience everything as in our gold package except you will be served lunch, have the opportunity to lounge in my relaxing bath and really take your time to try on as many outfits you choose and explore with different looks and make up looks.

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The Ultimate Platinum Package

Crossdressing Ultimate Platinum Package

This is the same as the crossdressing platinum package but you receive 15 edited images and pure uninterrupted indulgence in everything the crossdressing service has to offer.

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Mobile Make up and Dressing Service

Crossdressing Service mobile will be coming very soon, covering the North East Bethan our North East Consultant can visit you on your hotel and do your make up and dress you in your own clothes ready for you big night out. Please note Bethan will only visit hotels not private homes. If you wish to hire our clothes

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