Crossdressing Service Frequently asked questions

Frequent Questions

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I am nervous about being recognised in any photographs. But I do want my own personal record of my crossdressing service transformation. Do you put photographs of every girl who visits you on your website?

The transformations photographs you see on this website represent just a small fraction of the girls who visit our house for their crossdressing service experience. Some girls do like to see themselves on the website, and believe us in most cases not even their own mothers would not recognise them. And, as we are sure you will agree, they do look gorgeous. But no photograph goes on our website without the express permission of the person concerned.

If you simply want a private and personal record then that is what you will get. Indeed there are some girls who ask for no photographs at all; and we always follow the wishes of our clients on such matters.

Will I be able to go out with Kay on an escorted visit?

Although many clients are happy to remain within the privacy of our house, some do want to venture out into the ‘big, wide world’ – and I know just how daunting this can be. Let us know what you might wish to do: from a short trip to a coffee shop to an afternoon of shopping for clothes or maybe a night out on the town. I will make all the necessary arrangements should you wish.

I would love to wear a corset and breast forms, so that I may see myself with a more feminine shape. Are these available? And will I be able to try on a range of wigs?

Yes, of course: we stock only the highest quality tight-lacing corsets and silicone breast forms. And a fabulous range of wigs. You will love the feel and experience as those corset laces are pulled in tight and as that bra is enhanced by your new breasts. 

For many crossdressers, the wig is the crowning glory of their feminine look. Seeing yourself completely transformed by a wig is such an exciting moment. But different wigs will change your appearance in remarkable ways.You will have the opportunity to try our selection in various colours, lengths and styles, you can  decide what is right for you.

Will you have lingerie and clothes in my size?

Yes, we have a very wide range of sizes at our crossdressing service from petite to the more generously endowed for all items of lingerie and clothing. You could spend hours looking through all the items we have in our  wardrobes. And we are constantly replenishing our stock.

I have been disappointed with previous makeovers. What are your aims for your clients at the crossdressing service?

The most important thing for me is to understand what you would like to achieve. Then we can discuss the best ways of doing that. My aim is to bring out the essential real woman in our clients. You will not look like a drag queen unless of course you want to.

I use only the very best products. And I am professionally trained beauty therapist’s that excel in make-up application. Your natural beauty as a woman will emerge, through the care and attention we give to the detail of your facial, your make-up, your hair or wig, your lingerie, your dresses, skirts, and shoes. I will give you the self-confidence to feel and act like a woman.

How do I pay?

A deposit is normally paid via bank transfer. The remainder of the balance to be paid in on the day of your appointment.

How far in advance do I need to book?

There are many times of the year when I we are exceptionally busy at our crossdressing service, so it is always wise to think ahead. But we do get cancellations from time to time, so it is always worth asking us if you want an appointment at shorter notice.

How will I find the house?

When booking your appointment, you will receive instructions on how to reach us by car, train or from the international Manchester Airport or Leeds Bradford .

Is the crossdressing service private and discreet?

The house is private and has ample car parking close by. We pride ourselves on the discretion of our crossdressing service and the privacy of all our clients.

Will I receive personal attention from Victoria or Kay when visiting the crossdressing service?

All those who visit our crossdressing service house receive our personal attention at all times on a one-to-one basis. I do not see more than one client a day, because I like to focus on yoour needs only and offer the best.