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Male to female Crossdressing

Posted April 18, 2020 by Kristina

​A mail from one of out lovely Crossdressing Ladies speaking about her experience at Crossdressing Services


I remember our first male to female crossdressing meeting so well. To say I was nervous is an understatement. Your beautiful china teacup rattled as I sat and told my story to you in beautiful tasteful surroundings of your male to female crossdressing house. I wrote about that fabulous visit and you still have it available on your site. Since then we have met many times and I will never regret picking up the phone and making that very first crossdressing appointment.

Each visit has been a similar relaxing experience with a friendly catch up chat, changing into gorgeous male to female crossdressing lingerie, then a manicure and nail application and a soothing relaxing facial. It’s at that time while awaiting the male to female crossdressing facemask to set that I think beautiful feminine thoughts and why did I not meet you earlier?

A lot has happened in my personal life over this time. We have talked about the challenges arising in my private life. You have shown so much genuine interest and listened, advised and empathised. You have been a real friend during this time, particularly helping me come to terms with the feminine part of me who wants to look beautiful and wear fabulous male to female crossdressing clothes. I know from many of the comments you receive on your site there are many girls like me who feel exactly the same about you. You simply make me look and feel so feminine and beautiful.

I have visited other dressing services, and while they are all different, your male to female crossdressing service still provides for me the best overall experience. Several of the photos, which you took at that first meeting, are the most popular on my social media sites. I have never had any unfavourable comments about any of your pictures. Actually quite the reverse: there are so many positive comments about each of your male to female crossdressing photos that I have posted and occasional requests about your service. My reply is simply to call you and speak to you. And let them know that they will not regret it.

Some male to female crossdressing highlights we have shared are (in no particular order): wearing a fabulous bridal gown at the first visit; a birthday tea at a 5* hotel on my first trip out dressed; and (probably best of all) the opportunity to dress and be photographed in your beautiful house.

Male to female crossdressing is a past time Suzanne just loves to enjoy. She gets lost in all of those feminine clothes and shoes, never wanting to go back to her male persona.

Many male to female crossdressing services take a lot of photographs and give you copies to sort out and edit. However, you have so much developed your male to female crossdressing photographic skills to an art form. The results you send are stunning and of very high quality. Perhaps some times you can be very demanding to get the right positioning for pictures. Oh, the trials and tribulations of being a model! But you do it to get the best and the results are worth it. I really hope we will be able to maintain our friendship through your male to female crossdressing and photography service for some time to come.

I really want to want to encourage other girls to come and try your male to female crossdressing service as I hope they will have the same wonderful experiences as I have had.

A letter from one of my lovely Crossdressing ladies

Kay - Crossdressing Services Huddersfield