A girls big day what better way to experience it then at UK Crossdressing Services in Huddersfield as a crossdresser bride

Crossdressing Wedding Gown

Posted May 1, 2020 by Kristina

You open your eyes you see in the full-length mirror someone you hardly recognise. In a gown flowing gracefully downwards. The essence of femininity. Pure perfection. Every cross dresser girl dreams of wearing a gorgeous bridal dress, that oh-so-beautiful crossdressing wedding gown. And now that incredible moment is yours.


There are just so many styles; so many ways of wearing the finest satin and silk and lace as you prepare for that wonderful day. And planning ahead is so very important. So here is a short guide to crossdressing wedding gown styles, so that when you make that thrilling visit to JJ’s dressing service for your bridal makeover you will understand her advice all the more.

There are four basic shapes for the sweep of the longer crossdressing wedding gowns: what might look best on you depends upon your body shape and the silhouette you wish to create. And then there is so much else to consider: the neckline, the lingerie underneath, the accessories. Such fantastic crossdressing wedding gown excitement!

The A-line crossdressing wedding gown often gives the impression of the capital letter A. This 1950s style dress, originating with the Dior fashion house, is typically fitted from the bust or waist to the hips and then flows gently downwards and outwards in straight lines, with the ‘top’ of the A round or above your waist. Sometimes the dress is designed to flare outwards from the bust, so that the top of the A is now much higher. This is a fabulously feminine crossdressing wedding gown style for most body shapes since with it’s naturally slimming design it can hide a multitude of sins as well as accentuating some of your better points.

The sheath crossdressing wedding gown can be unforgiving: the dress tends to follow – although not too tightly – the shape of your body as it falls straight downwards. It can look extremely elegant and sophisticated, on the right body. In silk or satin this can be so seductively sexy. But if you have the figure then this will help you to flaunt it.

The mermaid crossdressing wedding gown can look fabulous: on the right person. Fitted to the bust, waist, hips and thighs, this not only follows the contours of your body, it accentuates that feminine hourglass form. When the fabric reaches the knee, it flares outwards to the floor, creating the impression of a ‘tail’ for this mermaid. Of course it restricts your movement somewhat: but who cares when you look like a million dollars?

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The design which so often comes to mind with bridal-wear is the ‘Cinderella’ or ‘Princess’ dress, for that classic crossdressing wedding gown style. This confection of lace and frothy feminine frills can be simply divine and works for pretty much every body size and shape. The dress is fitted to the waist, often with a corset bodice, but then flares out in an exploding extravaganza of sumptuous material. When you are wearing such a dress, there can be no doubt who is the centre of crossdressing wedding gown attention.

Getting the neckline right for your crossdressing wedding gown is also something which needs careful thought. Just a few tips here on four standard designs. V-necks can be revealing and draw attention to the neck and upper bust (décolletage), and can look great with an hourglass figures, but they can also make small busts in a crossdressing wedding gown seem even smaller.

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The natural curves of the sweetheart neckline follow the contours of the upper bust, not quite as revealing as the V-neck, but showing just enough of your feminine charms to draw those eyes towards your crossdressing wedding gown. Strapless necklines, perhaps with a corset bodice, can look fabulous. But they can also be a crossdressing wedding gown disaster area for those very large busts. And they won’t do a thing for the flat chested amongst us.

A higher neckline, such as a bateau design, can be helpful for those who are less well-endowed or who rely on breast forms for their upper shape. Graceful and elegant. Perfect for that ultra-feminine crossdressing wedding gown. Accessories are critical. The simpler the dress, the more you can add with the right accessories. But not too many of course: you are not a Christmas tree! A low neckline just shouts out loudly for a fabulous necklace. Bare arms simply need that touch of bracelet magic. With a full and elaborate crossdressing wedding gown, less is definitely more, as you embellish with a modest touch here and there: a simple ring, a bracelet, a necklace, earrings, or even a delicate tiara – nothing overstated.

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Unless you feel every inch a woman underneath that crossdressing wedding gown, then you will not have the confidence you will need to walk down that aisle! So your wedding lingerie plays a vital part. Just as much as your make-up and hair. Now is the time to indulge yourself in the most delicate undies: Janet Reger’s lingerie is heavenly.

So much choice, so many things for a girl to think about. And that is precisely where JJ comes in. She will guide you through this wondrous bridal cornucopia. She will lay out ready all you need to be that blushing, beautiful bride when you visit her at her crossdressing wedding gown service. Exquisite wedding lingerie and your very own bridal dress. As well as professionally applied make-up, just the right wig for the occasion, and those final touches with perfect accessories.

So when Kay asks you to open your eyes, heart beating fast, you will see in the full-length mirror a vision of loveliness which takes your breath away. Is that fabulous woman really you? Yes, of course. You are the beautiful bride in the most gorgeous crossdressing wedding gown.

Kay - Crossdressing Services UK