Crossdressing UK - part 2

Posted April 21, 2019 by Kristina

It’s your big day at Crossdressing Service UK in Huddersfield and I am up early preparing for our day together… The light from the skylight generally wakes me up quite early, quick shower and a pot of tea.


Sitting down in front of the mirror to do my make up and choosing my outfit is how my day starts but then on from there , that’s where my whole day changes.

Now your not going to turn up for work wearing a stunning ball gown or anything like that in your regular job. However in mine I actually could; in fact, I could wear whatever I wanted, and no-one will judge me. If I wanted to be a bride I put on a wedding gown, If I want to do a little office work,I put on a smart jacket and a pencil skirt. It really can be that easy for me, the extensive wardrobes at the Crossdressing service UK house in Yorkshire are a labyrinth of textures and fabrics, in a rainbow of exciting colour. I don’t just want to keep all this to myself, I want to share all these beautiful items with you and watch the magic of male to female transformation at the Crossdressing UK house the prefect place for you to fully indulge and become that person you have always dreamt of becoming.

I am Kay a Crossdressing Artist, and I help men who feel and dress like women become that secret part of themselves and bring themselves to life.

I have always had a fascination with the drag and Crossdressing community for years, so one day I decided to do something about it.. I set up my first crossdressing UK studio in 2018, and since then, I have been flooded with clients wanting to express themselves as the secret gender that they should have been from birth or for the love and feeling of wearing women’s clothes. We have been privileged to discover that there are so many different reason’s why a man wishes to dress as a woman or become a woman permanently.

I am always amazed when a new client comes for their first appointment and I ask the question’s“why do you crossdress” and “when did it all start”

The difference is that we want to know your history we are genuinely interested in your past and present and your secrets can now be revealed. This helps us fully understand the intention of the crossdressing day and support you further to become the person you have dreamed of. Most clients have to hide their true identities from family and friends, and even have to go to some extreme lengths to hide their need to Crossdress. At Crossdressing Service UK I encourage you to really connect with your inner feminine and meet her in the mirror with delight and excitement.

Is it wrong, I often get asked - of course it isn’t?

That’s why I am here at your service, I am your make up artist the person who make those dreams come true. Why not do what I said at the beginning of this blog piece, If you want to be a bride, be a bride its more than ok it an experience that every girl should have….

The beauty of Crossdressing is you can be whatever you want to be and then leave at the end of your appointment session looking no different than you looked before you came through the door at the start of the day.

You enter a Crossdresser and leave feeling like a Princess. The three key elements for the makeover artist is you look, smell and feel fabulous.
Makeup is key, clothing is key; and an open and positive mind are the vital ingredients that open the Pandora’s box of magic at the Crossdressing House.

Makeover artist’s are perfectionists, fact! We will give you a sympathetic ear offer advice, tip’s and allow you to explore with us in a safe and secure environment.

Sophie our beautiful princess Crossdressing model say’s “My advice to anybody booking a Crossdressing appointment is, be positive and keep an open mind the artist know’s what is best for you,”try not to go into a session insisting on what you want”.”

Be prepared to explore every avenue of dressing” your makeover artist is always full of surprises and really wants you to be the very best feminine version of yourself.

Kay xx

Crossdressing UK - transformation artist in Huddersfield Yorkshire