Crossdressing Service UK - A Crossdressing Artist Story…

Posted April 21, 2019 by Kristina

Preparation time, taking my clients questionnaire in hand I am on a mission, I have an idea in mind the colours the fabrics the sizes but I don’t know who this person is let alone their female persona at this stage all I have is paper and a few notes…. Transforming the ideas into reality is the gift of a Crossdressing UK transformation process..


I dive into the wardrobes at the Crossdressing UK house in Huddersfield, mixing and matching outfit styles, various shoe’s heals and flats. The correct size and crossdressing lingeries is always a challenge until I actually meet “you the client” and we get it right together. Jewellery do we go sparkly, urban, classic, spoilt for choice there are so many beautiful pieces of jewellery at the Crossdressing house. Armed with my choices, I trundle down the stairs, like a back stage moment at the theatre, feather boa’s around my neck and hats balanced precariously on my head and several garments in each hand. If I make it to the bottom of the stairs in one piece it’s a miracle.

Displaying the clothes in order on the rack ready for you the client to choose your prefect Crossdressing UK outfit. Fingers crossed I am on the right track. Next on my list of tasks, before you arrive. Make sure the Crossdressing house is spotlessly cleaned. The Crossdressing UK photography studio camera equipment checked and ready, backdrop colour and thought’s about posing all going through my mind.

I am completely submerged in my artist role at this stage of my preparation, having a blank canvas to work with sparks ideas of what we might do on your appointment day, of course this can all change in the moment on the day. As when I meet you I get a clearer idea maybe you feel the colour isn’t right or the chaise lounge is in the wrong place or we need a prop or two from my prop box. The point being I see a piece of art always with flow never ridged, a work in progress, and you as the beautiful crossdressing princess masterpiece…

Next the cutlery, now the butler in a stately home I polish and place the teaspoons around the China tea set and onto a silver tray, my shopping list, biscuits, fairy cakes, sandwiches and refreshments., with attention to detail, everything at the Crossdressing house has its place.

Make up brushes, pallets, eyelashes and nails all ready. Finally the steam iron comes out, blouses, dresses, jackets, and backdrops. A quick run around the Crossdressing UK house for the final checks before you arrive and then relax and wait for you to arrive knowing I have done everything possible to make you day at Crossdressing Services UK perfect.

Victoria xx -

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