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Posted April 6, 2020 by Kristina

When a new girl crosses Kays cross dressing revelations threshold, Kay often asks if they are willing to talk to others through the crossdressing-service website about their stories and experiences, discreetly of course. R is one such girl who is happy to share her cross dressing revelations with all you girls out there, both known and as yet unknown to us.


What is your earliest memory of crossdressing?

My crossdressing journey and the beginning of my cross dressing revelations started when I was just eight years old. I went into the bathroom on the landing of our house in the West Midlands and noticed that my mother’s nightdress was hanging on the back of the door. I quickly slipped off my clothes and put on this wonderfully silky nightie. Although it was far too big for me, I experienced uncontrollable emotions – this was the first of my cross dressing revelations. Since I could remember being the second son in our family was not a good thing. My father would always take any small problem in the house out on me. I often thought amongst my cross dressing revelations that it would probably have been better if I had been born a girl. So when I did try on that nightie that day I was very excited: the feeling of the softness of the material was magical, and that first time was perhaps the most momentous of my cross dressing revelations.

Some girls like R leave it for the longest time before they start their journey as her crossdressing life begins at sixty.

Tell me a little more about these early days. Did anyone other than your mother provide inspiration for your need to dress as a girl?

I would take my mother’s clothes out of her wardrobe when she was not around and dress up in the bathroom – locked of course for my private cross dressing revelations. Then I started taking them to my bedroom where I would change into certain items at night. So my mother did indeed provide my first cross dressing revelations.

But in the main my greatest inspiration for my cross dressing revelations was my aunt Elsie. Because of my father’s bullying, my aunt and uncle used to collect me on or around the 22 July every year and return me in time for the September start at school.

So what happened when you visited your auntie? What cross dressing revelations took place?

My aunt was a very large lady: enormous boobs and bottom, which I loved. She was a very welcoming aunt who would cuddle me all the time. This led to me fantasising a lot about her and about her clothes: a whole wardrobe full of cross dressing revelations. There were always her clothes left out in the bathroom so I would put them on and sometimes keep them in my room where I stayed.

To this day I don’t know whether she knew. My aunt and uncle are both gone now so I will never know. But the cross dressing revelations feelings were great and the more I dressed up the more excited I became.

What kinds of clothes did your auntie wear?

She wore beautiful flowery dresses which were buttoned up from the front. I remember that she was always complaining that the buttons kept popping open: this fascinated me because it gave me glimpses of the secrets and cross dressing revelations within. She also wore blouses and skirts with stockings: I can only remember the white bras and corsets and brown stockings. But she did wear high heels on those special occasions when we went out for a meal.

I used to wear her underwear and dresses as much as I could for my best cross dressing revelations. But the only shoes I tried on were her flat shoes.

Were there any embarrassing occasions?

I remember once I filled some balloons with water for boobs in my attempt to fill out the capacious cups of her bra, which seemed to me truly enormous. I guess that the measurement around the fullest part of her bosom must have been at least 60. So how I might fill those cups needed some truly inspired cross dressing revelations. The balloons idea worked a few times; but then one burst so I did not do it again: not one of my best cross dressing revelations.

What items of clothing were you drawn to most in these early days?

I was fairly fixated on bras and corsets, I loved to pack then out so that I looked big. But I also liked anything silky. My earliest cross dressing revelations.

And when you left school, what happened then?

Dressing and my exploration of cross dressing revelations faded in my mind. I was working and meeting different people. I got married at 19 and we got on really well. However due to my studies and travel around the world with my job, we drifted apart and separated.

So when did the need to crossdress emerge again?

I moved to London and it was not until my thirties that the need for further cross dressing revelations came back and I started crossdressing again with the help of a dresser: I used to go once every two months or so. After the third or fourth visit, she asked me if I wanted to go out with some other girls just down the road to the local café I agreed. I then met two other girls. I was petrified, but we met every 2 months and had a laugh: yet another of my fantastic cross dressing revelations.

Did this early experience with a dressing service completely satisfy your crossdressing needs?

It was at this time that I began to fantasise more and more about having really large boobs myself. Sadly, I felt at the time, my dresser’s stock did not really go above DD cup. So this one of my cross dressing revelations remained unfulfilled.

So what happened next?

I started buying some clothes of my own for around the flat I had brought including a wig and makeup. I was useless at the makeup but it improved with practice. Getting makeup right is one of many cross dressing revelations I am still waiting for!

Finding the right clothes was not straightforward: I went into a shop Marks and Spencers I believe and picked up the underwear; but it was not easy knowing which sizes were right for me. I still have this problem: which is why I turned to JJ.

Did you ever confide in anyone in those days, apart from the dressing service you visited?

I did share my crossdressing experiences with a girl I was seeing; and she seemed ok about it. But when I had to move back home to the Midlands because of work she got someone to phone my mother and state I was a transvestite and slept with men in London. I just told my mother not to take any notice and said it was only because I had moved away. I don’t know whether my mother believed me or not, but she has never mentioned it since. That most bitter of all cross dressing revelations taught me to be incredibly careful.

After moving back home, I purged and disposed of my feminine wardrobe and concentrated on work again and remarried. I then suppressed my needs to cross dress. But my need to crossdress started to come back strongly a few years ago: like others I suppose the most fundamental of cross dressing revelations is that those feelings never disappear entirely.

And so to the present: does your wife know or suspect that you are a cross dresser?

I confided in my wife just over a year ago and she seemed understanding, which (given my early experience) was one of my most delightful cross dressing revelations. I bought a few dresses and lingerie. I suppose I could not get my aunt’s boobs out of my thoughts. So I also bought a pair of super-size breastforms. But now I needed a super-size bra! A couple of months ago I ordered one (made to order) and am still waiting: perhaps they simply don’t have enough material! LOL.

How understanding is your wife?

My wife is very supportive of my dressing. She has helped me to search out the right things online. She does raise her eyebrows when she sees me dressed up; but she still puts my makeup on and ensures I have the stockings straight, more fantastic cross dressing revelations. That she has been so understanding has been perhaps the most wonderful of my cross dressing revelations.

When I first brought my very, very large silicone boobs, she did ask why so big? But I said I wanted big boobs and wanted to feel the cross dressing revelations experience, and I must admit I do love them; but it has been very difficult in finding a bra to fit them.

My wife did buy me a red nightie before Christmas but this would not fit with the large boobs. I know she would prefer me to have more normal sized boobs so that I look more realistic. But I still hung onto my large boobs for when I need a fix, or at least until my N-cup bra arrived.

How do you picture yourself in your feminine cross dressingrevelations dreams?

I would love to wear red stockings and suspenders, with a delicate red see through bra, red silky frilly knickers a long red dress which shows off my cleavage, with long sleeves, red high heels. Other cross dressing revelations dreams: how about a fur coat, topped with a stylish hat, lots and lots of rings and a fabulous necklace?

That seems a very feminine picture: and perhaps a little at odds with the ‘giant’ size maternal boobs?

Yes, I suppose there is a cross dressing revelations gulf between how I want to be seen and sometimes how I feel within myself. I was safe and happy when I was with my aunt, and that’s how my very large silicone breast forms make me feel. But perhaps this new understanding has been one of many cross dressing revelations for me.

Have you ventured out again as a woman since those early days?

No, I have not been out at all since then. But I would love to go out in a group and enjoy that special public cross dressing revelations feeling again. Then, if my confidence grows, maybe I will be able to venture on my own and experience more cross dressing revelations. Yes: I want to go out, nerves and all, and I think it will great fun.

Tell me about your visit to Kay

When I first contacted Kay, I made an appointment and waited patiently for the day only to be called out on an urgent job which upset me because I had to let Kay down. The excitement that had been brewing inside me awaiting my cross dressing revelations with Kay left me feeling deflated, however I did book again but this time I booked some time off.

When I parked outside okays house my stomach went into knots, I phoned her to let her know I had arrived, but I was very nervous. Kay welcomed me in and instantly called me Rita.

I was offered tea and a brief chat which Kay asked for some background information and I fund this really helpful have a listening ear from someone sympathetic to the challenges facing crossdressers. We then went upstairs to her cross dressing revelations studio, my nerves were relaxing and I just opened up to Kay like we were long time friends. She explained what would happen to start with during my dressing experience, which I can tell you was absolutely nothing like I have ever experienced before.

Kay laid out some sexy underwear for me to put on with a very light silky wrap. Once dressed in my lingerie, Kay gave me a manicure: I love bright red nails and my big hands became totally different with my new nails. I started to feel and look feminine: another one of my cross dressing revelations.

The next stage was a facial, which I have never had before. Heaven! My face felt beautiful and soft, Kay then applied my eye makeup and completed the face makeup and lipstick. When I looked in the cross dressing revelations mirror it was a totally different person in front of me and I instantly fell in love with her: “RITA is out of the box” Kay stated with her cross dressing revelations smile.

And how did you feel when your dressing was nearing completion?

Kay sorted through 2-3 wigs out of her many she has and I picked the best one for Rita, I looked and felt gorgeous, Kay provided a modest bust for me. To be fair this changed my view of my bust needs: I now know that such cross dressing revelations are vital for a girl like me.

I was over the moon with my appearance: with the red silk blouse and pencil tight skirt and black stockings and high heels, Iloved the cleavage shown. It made me feel all … well you know: my feminine cross dressing revelations at work.

Mind you it took some getting use to the heels: but as Kay said “no pain, no cross dressing revelations gain” – so I endured and hopefully will keep my balance in the coming months.

In a few words, say how you felt before, during and after the visit.

In a cross dressing revelations nutshell, before – very nervous, during – very excited and loving every minute, and afterwards – well, to be honest, sad that I had to take the makeup and clothes off because I felt fantastic. But also I’m ready now for what’s necessary to fulfil Rita’s needs, I’m booked in again for my second visit and simply can’t wait for more cross dressing revelations.

So is it to be the maternal auntie or the new-look Rita in future?

I want to look and feel more feminine. The breast plate which Kay gave me during my visit were perfect: perhaps the best of all my cross dressing revelations.

The ginormous boobs are all part of a fantasy I have had for years, possibly without merit. Now I have felt the pleasure and the cross dressing revelations look that Kay gave me that’s the direction I will be going I hope.

Al I have really needed is someone that is gentle and kind to help me on my cross dressing revelations way. And Kay is that someone.

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