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Crossdressing Manicure

Posted April 2, 2020 by Kristina

For many girls their first encounter with a cross dressing manicure and painted nails is their first visit to Kay.


That wonderful professional beauty salon treatment for which she is justifiably renowned can include the fabulously feminine finishing touches she puts to your hands and nails. What could be more pleasing to the feminine eye that those bright red nails or pink polish flashes of colour bringing your cross dressing manicure hands to life?

Some of us have tried to do this ourselves: that lustrous paint always moving exactly where we do not want it to go. Your amateur cross dressing manicure can go disastrously wrong. Takes you back to art classes in junior schools! Most of my girlfriends who are reasonably accomplished in this art tell me that it can take years of practice to get it right. Of course, stick-on nails (try Boots!) do give you instant effects, but when applied in our lonely bedrooms do tend to lack the thrill of a personal cross dressing manicure.

A cross dressing manicure makes all the difference to beautiful nails.

However, as we walk down the high streets we are overwhelmed with the number of nail bars and salons offering an incredible range of cross dressing manicures and gorgeous colours. But, dear friends, proceed with caution. You will find that some nail bars are far from satisfactory. If you do not have a personal recommendation, check out the ratings and testimonials and, better still, sit down in a coffee shop and watch the traffic in and out.

Approaching someone you don’t know and asking them where they got their nails done is a risky business. A safer option is to ask the exquisitely made up girls behind the beauty counters in department stores. For many T-girls, any cross dressing manicure colour applied may have to be removed the same day: so the basic buff, file and polish may be all that’s needed. But there is nothing quite like a luxury cross dressing manicure with hand massage to restore flagging spirits. These can take up to an hour. Ordinary polish can take up to 20 minutes to dry properly. My favourite nail bar offers a coffee or even a Prosecco whilst waiting. So don’t rush this fantastic cross dressing manicure experience.

If you are able to keep the cross dressing manicure colour on your nails for longer than a day, then you must try Gel nails cross dressing manicures. These provide a glossy finish to die for … in really vibrant colours. They are strong and resist quite a bit of rough treatment: but you still need to be careful – girls, they are not armour plating. Do a little research first: exactly what type of gel is used? And then see what the web says about this. The gel is ‘cured’ under ultra-violet light, and is instantly dry. So no cross dressing manicure waiting time!

However, there is a snag which you need to bear in mind: although it is relatively easy to remove polish (again Boots provides a wide range of options), Gel is less straightforward. Even though there are products available over the counter, I always return to the nail bar for professional cross dressing manicure gel removal. For goodness sake, whatever you do, do NOT try to pick or pull Gel off: you will seriously damage your nails. And DO use cuticle oil to keep your nail beds in tiptop shape!

And the final piece of advice: however pretty your nails might be, hair on the knuckles and back of your hands will detract from the overall feminine impact: remove it girls!

As always, girls, don’t be shy: do ask Kay for her cross dressing manicure advice. I am sure that for those of your who have visited her, you will have looked with envious eyes at those fabulously manicured nails of hers. And, for those of you yet to visit Kay for your crossdressing experience par excellence, pluck up the courage and make that cross dressing manicure appointment: she will answer all the questions you have about your crossdressing and manicure needs.

Kay - Crossdressing Service UK