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Crossdressing Foundation Makeup

Posted April 12, 2020 by Kristina

One of Kay’s girls has written in asking how she might cover that pesky beard shadow area. And, yes, for many crossdressers this is one of their biggest challenges. Crossdressing foundation makeup is a huge subject and not one to be tackled lightly.

Now take a good look at your face, after a really close shave. Assessment time: Is your beard 5 o’clock shadow, however dark or light, your only concern? Once your crossdressing foundation makeup has been applied, will your pores give an impression of the lunar surface rather than the flawless look you so desire, does the foundation cover the beard shadow? Do you detect any patches of redness or broken capillaries or tiny veins? Any blemishes or variations in skin tone? Correctly applied crossdressing foundation makeup will solve many of these problems.Crossdressing makeup and crossdresser makeovers are always available at the Crossdressing Service.

Before you go on: tweezers at the ready. Start by plucking out any stray hairs especially those on the cheek bones and nose: the older you get, the more they seem to appear from nowhere! And crossdressing foundation makeup can’t solve every problem.

So let’s take you through the stages of crossdressing foundation makeup application one-by-one. Remember at every step of the way: you are not a plasterer’s mate, slapping the stuff on. This is one area of life where less can be more, unless you want to look like something out of a plastic cyborg manual.

Step one: moisturizer. This is the first line of crossdressing foundation makeup defence for your skin, keeping it soft, resilient and in tip-top condition. Use tissues to remove any excess before moving on to the next stage.

Step two: primer applied ever so lightly with your fingertips. This will help smooth out those fine lines and pores: a gentle beginning for your crossdressing foundation makeup. And will help what comes next stay in place for longer. There are many good products on the market. You could try Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base or Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance. With that beard in mind there is also Tom Ford Complexion Enhancing Peach Primer in Peach Glow, which pushes back those darker areas with its peachy crossdressing foundation makeup tones. Clinique’s Super primer Face Primer range is also worth a closer look: you might try the Colour Corrects Discolorations.

Do talk to the girls (and boys too) on those ubiquitous department store makeup stands. They will not bat a mascara-coated eyelash when you ask what might work best for you: but remember they are there to sell their own products, and others might be best for you. A girl can spend an entire afternoon looking at what’s available on the crossdressing foundation makeup counters. And it is such fabulous girlie FUN!

Crossdresing makeup
Crossdresing makeup

Crossdressing Foundation

Step three: time for the secret ingredient if you find that the primer chosen is insufficient to camouflage the shadow above and below those gorgeous lips: crossdressing foundation makeup colour corrector, applied lightly again with your fingertips to the areas in need. For that troublesome beard area, you might find that a red or pink hue works best for crossdressing foundation makeup. This can be a touch confusing, because ‘redness corrector’ is not red! Yellow or even green can push back any red blotches or marks and so be used as a redness corrector. In fact, a yellow hue in a corrector will brighten up the face considerably. But to disguise the darkness of the beard shadow, red, orange or peachy pink crossdressing foundation makeup colours should do the trick: with pink for fairer skins. Check out the English Mineral Makeup Company or Bobbi Brown pinky peach correctors. These products can also help lift and brighten the dark areas under your tired eyes.

Step four: now for the penultimate crossdressing foundation makeup stage – the foundation. There is only one product which guarantees good results as far as beard shadow coverage is concerned, and that is Vichy’s Dermablend, which comes in a number of varieties (as well as tones): the lighter-weight Corrective Fluid Foundation is suitable for the darker beard shadows it has fantastic coverage; the Corrective Stick which provides medium to higher levels of coverage; and the Corrective Compact Cream Foundation for high crossdressing foundation makeup coverage and which comes with its own sponge for easy application. It may be worth lightly using ‘feather fingers’ lightly touching all parts of the face to achieve an even look, but using a brush to paint it on, lightly of course in even strokes is excellent.

Step five:finally some crossdressing foundation makeup powder to fix that makeup in place. It might be better to use a slightly tinted rather than translucent powder as a finishing touch for your crossdressing foundation makeup; however, Dermablend’s translucent Setting Powder is reliable. But there are many others available. Again you need to take care: you don’t want to create the impression of ploughed and furrowed fields. Use delicate and light touches with a powder brush.

Success is not something achieved overnight. There is a good deal of trial and error in finding just the right balance of crossdressing foundation makeup for you. But don’t be daunted. With a little patience and perhaps help from Kay you will find the look you desire.

And remember: Kay s always there to help you girls. Why not ask her for a crossdressing foundation makeup lesson? So that she can lead you step by step through what works best for you. Go on, you know you are worth it!

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Crossdressing makeup
Crossdressing makeup