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Crossdressing Beauty

Posted May 18, 2020 by Kristina

‘The Day before You Came’ is the title of a terrific ABBA love song about how life was before someone special came into your life. For me it should read ‘The day before thy came’ – that is Kay and Susan. The day before my crossdressing beauty was finally revealed.


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I was a good looking 11 year old, who having gone through puberty was as confused as all my friends with our new found feelings and what the hell to do with them. We all went through those magical days of discovering our bodies and I was the same as everyone else, until.

The lovely Susan is my crossdressing beauty today, visiting my crossdressing service in Yorkshire.

Until the need for crossdressing beauty arose in me. My Mum and Dad were invited to a formal dinner. They went out together to buy a dress for Mum and when they returned, for some reason I insisted she put it on to show me. It was just me and Mum in the house and she took ages to get ready but when she walked in I understood why. She looked like a movie star. She was wearing a stunning turquoise blue satin cocktail dress together with a white fur stole. I had butterflies and excitement coursing through my body and, to be honest, was a little scared and confused. I didn’t realise at the time but it was the start of my private world of secretly loving women’s satin evening gowns and wanting to wear them, wanting that crossdressing beauty. I touched the dress whenever I could but never had the nerve to try it on. I was very upset when she told me she had given it away. ‘Lost!’ – A fleeting chance for crossdressing beauty perhaps never to be found again.

These crossdressing beauty feelings were always there but of course no one knew. When I was around seventeen I did try on some of my Mum’s evening dresses and loved them but always felt guilty. At twenty my wife went away to college and I started to wear her wedding dress which had a beautiful satin skirt and looked fabulous. My crossdressing beauty fantasies were always related to women in glamorous evening wear and I was able to live my secret crossdressing beauty life in that way. It wasn’t until I met my last wife that I was able to live these fantasies through her. We went to a number of grand balls and we always shopped for her gowns together. I loved seeing her in them and she looked fabulous. I also bought her a lot of expensive satin lingerie which she loved wearing. I bought her evening gloves too which she wore for me in our intimate moments. I’m pretty sure she knew of my fantasies and indulged me but I never quite managed to bring my crossdressing beauty out in the open.

I decided about six years ago, now that I’m single, that it was time to live my crossdressing beauty fantasy for real. So I bought a satin evening gown together with gloves and a fur stole. I think I must have looked at them for ages before I dared myself to put them on. When I did I couldn’t believe how fabulous I looked and felt: this was my true crossdressing beauty moment. This started me on a whole new path and I bought quite a collection of gowns, jewellery and lingerie which I wore and photographed myself in regularly.

A year ago I decided to confide my crossdressing beauty secret to my counsellor which, as you can imagine, having told no one in 50 years was pretty cathartic. She was blown away by the pictures I showed her and incredibly supportive and understanding about my inner need for crossdressing beauty. I showed them to her regularly and we discussed where I wanted to take this and it was then I realised exactly where I wanted it to go, I wanted to see myself as a woman, as a fabulous crossdressing beauty but I did not have a clue about crossdressing make-up or wigs.

I looked at lots of crossdressing websites and the photos on them. Most of them seemed to make the girls look like drag queens: nothing wrong with that, but not the crossdressing beauty that I wanted, until. I looked at Kay’s Crossdressing Service site and started to read the testimonials about the crossdressing beauty found by others. It was pretty clear that Kay had somehow tuned in to their exact requirements and her attitude was kind, supportive, professional and completely understanding. All the photos made the girls look feminine and stylish. So with a lot of trepidation I picked up the phone to speak to Kay and book a crossdressing beauty transformation appointment. I then started to feel nervous, excited, and worried and a load of other emotions; but at last I had succumbed to my true feelings. The need for my crossdressing beauty to assert herself wholeheartedly.

I should add at this point that I have a nerve condition which means I have limited feeling in my hands and feet and I have some grip and balance issues. I was very worried about this before my day but I needn’t have, it was absolutely never an issue. Kay is so kind and understanding that it never caused a moments concern, she just dealt with it. I would just say on a practical level if you have any medical issues stopping you making the call, Kay will give you all the re-assurance you need. I promise you won’t regret making the call, I know now that I wish I hadn’t waited so long to book my crossdressing beauty appointment. So my day finally arrived and I had taken a lot of care to make sure I was ready: haircut – tick, close shave – tick, manicure – tick, pedicure – tick, shower – tick. I was ready and before I knew it I was climbing the stairs to JJ’s crossdressing beauty apartment.

When Kay opened the door I was blown away. feminine and utterly delightful; the French have a word for it: élan – style plus. She showed me into her reception room and served tea from a beautiful china tea set. Everything about the crossdressing beauty apartment is tasteful and stylish but at the same time re-assuring. Soon we were ready to start. Other than to say it is singularly one of the best experiences of my life, I’m not going to describe everything that happened because if any of my story resonates with you I hope you will make the call and experience true crossdressing beauty for yourself.

The final part of my crossdressing beauty transformation, after Kay had made me up, was to see myself with feminine hair. To do this Kay put each wig on, my eyes were closed to heighten the effect, and asked me to mark them out of 10. They were all 8’s, good but not quite right. On reflection I think she may have been teasing me a little, in a good way, and that she knew all the time which was the 10. She put the wig on and I could actually feel electricity in the room. I opened my eyes and then there was a massive explosion of all my crossdressing beauty senses. Looking back at me was Susie, a stunning, sensual, attractive woman who I had waited for such a long time to meet. I was absolutely astonished at my crossdressing beauty. It was a moment I will never ever forget.

The next day Kay phoned me to ask what I thought of the crossdressing beauty pictures she had sent. I teased her and said I was very disappointed that she had sent photos of someone else, the beautiful woman in them couldn’t possibly be me. The phone went quiet and I could sense she was puzzled but then she got the joke and chided me for being mean. Seeing Susie was a seminal moment in my life, I have looked at the crossdressing beauty images at least twenty times a day just to make sure it’s real and not a dream. Being completely honest I think Susie is gorgeous and I know this crossdressing beauty will always be there for me.

So it was most definitely ‘the day they came into my life’: Kay and Susie, two fabulous ladies.

All I can say is that if you have any doubts about whether you would like to experience the same ecstatic crossdressing beauty feelings, don’t hesitate. Call Kay and your life will never be the same again, I know mine won’t. With fondest regards and gratitude JJ, looking forward to our next crossdressing beauty meeting


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