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Crossdressing Accessories

Posted March 23, 2020 by Kristina

You have the bra and panties. You have the dress and shoes. You have the stockings and suspenders. But are you ready and steady to go? The little voice within you knows that there is something vital missing.


Someone once said that manners maketh the man. Whatever the truth of that, let me tell you, its crossdressing accessories that maketh the woman. The simplest dress can be transformed in a twinkle of a feminine eye by the right crossdressing accessories.

Self-conscious about how effective your foundation and concealer may be? Don’t slap any more make-up on. A necklace not only lifts the spirits, it shifts the eye of the beholder. Jewellery is an absolute essential in our crossdressing accessories bag of tricks. So here are twelve of my favourite tips from Crossdressing Service in Yorkshire to help you with choosing accessories.

Number one

The first of the crossdressing accessories must be a gorgeous clutch bag to carry those bits and pieces through party-time. If the bag can complement your shoes so much the better, picking up on some feature of you shoes without necessarily being precisely the same mother of the bride outfit colour. But remember girls, a clutch bag is not a capacious, stuff it full of your life, tote it everywhere handbag. It is meant for show. And to hold just a few crossdressing accessories essentials: lipstick, cash and cards, keys.

Number two

A pair of leather gloves for those chilly spring days can come in very handy, and the pun is intended! These should definitely not be heavyweight. Light and elegant is a must for those gorgeous crossdressing accessories hands of yours.

Number three

Do not forget about that dressy scarf. Keeping warm may be an added extra, girls. But it is not the main thing. You are looking to lift your outfit rather than look like an Eskimo. Think about choosing something that complements rather than totally overwhelms your coat or jacket. It certainly does not need to match any other colours you are wearing.

Number four

Bracelets are the crossdressing accessories up next. These pull the eye towards your hands (which will be perfectly manicured of course): and they will also help to disguise any slight imperfections. But they will not distract attention from hairy arms and hands. Waxing should have already done its duty in that department. How many is a matter of taste, but for evenings less is more! For crossdressing accessories day wear you can be a touch OTT if you wish. Be careful with the elasticated type of bracelets when meant for slim wrists: you don’t want to cut off the blood supply! Being a loose woman in this area is good.

Number five

What else but rings, rings, rings … and five should be a definite limit? As with bracelets, they draw the eye towards your hands. So not even a suggestion of hairy knuckles please. Try to keep to a theme: mainly gold or mainly silver. Avoid huge rings which will make larger hands look even bigger. A wedding band or eternity ring is always a good idea. Makes an interesting statement and adds a touch of mystery.

Number six

Now let’s turn our crossdressing accessories attention to that waist of yours. A belt can make all the difference to a dress or skirt and blouse. Matching your shoes or handbag can help here. Too many colours and you will look like something from Blackpool illuminations. The right belt also can have a marvellous slimming effect. Accentuating the positive.

Number seven

Having pushed the boat out and bought that fantastic wig, it might seem a little eccentric to top it off with a pom pom hat, but cast your eyes around and you will see girls young and old caught in this latest fashion trend. They are so feminine and fluffy. Just perfect crossdressing accessories. Tiaras? Don’t even think about it!

Number eight

You may not think of this next item as being within the realm of crossdressing accessories but you need to think about the right kind of watch. No need to break the piggy bank. You just need something not overtly masculine.

Number nine

Feeling in need of a vintage statement – giving a hint perhaps that under your dress lies something more interesting than a pair of tights – then what could be better than a brooch? A flowery corsage is perhaps just a little too out of the greenhouse. But an elegant brooch pinned to your coat or dress: fabulous!

Number ten

Ear rings these need a careful decision girls. Unless you decide to have your ears pierced, the range of earrings available to you will be quite restricted. Clip-ons are out there, but the crossdressing accessories choice is not. If you want to achieve that immensely feminine look, then you may have to take the plunge. No pain, no gain.

Number eleven

Some people say that hosiery is an accessory, and what more appropriate for number eleven in our crossdressing accessories list that legs eleven? So you might want to think of a special pair of stockings or tights to give a real lift to your outfit. There are so many decorated pairs from which to choose. From patterns to mock tattoos to flowers to crystal embellishments. What a wonderful world of crossdressing accessories for us to enjoy.

Number twelve

The final crossdressing accessories item is total must-have for any girl. Some feel naked without a beautiful necklace. Think of your neckline first before deciding. Then colour. Pearls go with almost anything. Pendants can be spectacular. Beads and semi-precious stones can add a decisive statement to your outfit. As with bracelets and bangles, one can even wear several necklaces together. But don’t overdo it darling.

There are some crossdressing accessories now out of fashion. The tiny parasol loved by the Victorians has gone with the ark. But umbrellas can be helpful at times. However, for that an extra tip you should add a mobile phone with just the right case or cover to capture your festive crossdressing accessories mood.



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