A story of a visit to Crossdressing services in Yorkshire by a Crossdresser


Posted May 6, 2020 by Kristina

I recently paid my second visit to Kays crossdressing services in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, having made contact with Kay several months earlier and making my initial visit last September. I left with such fantastic memories of my time with Kay: every second was total bliss for any crossdresser. And since then I have been anxious to return. But was it all real? Had I really had this magical crossdresser experience that kept going around in my head? Yet, I know it is all true, so wonderfully and marvelously true. The emotions stirred within me were so very real and have lasted for so long.


I remember too clearly the nervousness as I arrived that first time for my crossdresser appointment. So many questions kept going over in my head as Kay opened her front door. She took my breath away: I can never forget that first moment. She left me totally stunned by her beauty, her elegance, her poise … OMG! Kay warmly welcomed me, gently suggesting that I should leave my shoes in the hall as I took of my coat and put down my briefcase. We then retired to her reception room which is so very elegant and so fabulously feminine in its furnishings. And we chatted so comfortably, so naturally. In her company any crossdresser immediately will feel at home, so safe and secure.

This was my chance to introduce myself in person and Kay is keen to find out a little more about her client. And I of course I told my story as I am sure so many others have done before, an often told story about my crossdresssing background. But I know that although there will be similarities in the crossdresser stories we tell, we are still all individuals; and Kay treated me as a very special person. Chatting to her about how I started life as a crossdresser, when it all began. And feel sure this as I say that my experiences as a crossdresser mirror those of so many others. But I would guess that like me most of us will have kept this crossdresser part of our life a secret.

What struck me about that first visit to Kay beautiful crossdressing house was that there was not the slightest hint of ‘sleaze’ which I had found when I have used other crossdressing services. Oh no, not with Kay: she truly couldn’t be more removed from this! The world which you enter when you cross her threshold is the polar opposite of sleaziness: elegance, sophistication, pure feminine pleasure. Kay makes your crossdresser time with her an incredibly classy affair. You bottle-up and push back into the shadows your female persona until its ready to burst into radiant light the minute you enter Kays crossdressing house , even before you have taken off your shoes.

Following a welcome cup of tea and a lovely chat and she begins to work her crossdresser magic on you, it may have been just minutes in her delightful and so-feminine company but you feel like you have known each other for years. So what happens then? Kay then invites you to head over to the bathroom … . those gorgeous deep purple towels … Kay has run ahead and delivers to you the most beautiful bra, panties, suspender belt and stockings.

She then points behind the door to a full-length satin negligee and gown. So, having changed out of your male clothes, you can adorn yourself in this wonderfully delicate lingerie reawakening your deepest feminine desires. You then make your way to the make-up salon for the crossdresser transformation to begin in earnest. Like me I know that you will find the very memory of that first crossdresser visit will make you shiver with utter feminine delight. And like me you will be impatient to pay a return visit.