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Cross Dressing Rooms

Posted April 21, 2020 by Kristina

I guess like many others, my first memories of the joy of women’s clothes starts in those early years, exploring my mum’s lingerie drawer in my very own cross dressing rooms.


I didn’t understand why: I just knew that putting on a pair of her stockings felt so deliciously nice. I dabbled with other little things over the years, nothing too much and certainly no make up or wig, just little bits of experimenting and losing myself in the pure enjoyment of the moment and the incredible feminine feelings emerging within me.

Let’s fast-forward to my early 40s, when divorce came. I didn’t want another relationship. My bank balance took quite a hit, as, at last, I could dress as and whenever I wanted. My home became my cross dressing rooms. Time to enjoy these wonderful feelings: I tried lingerie, dresses, shoes, make up, wig, the whole lot. The feeling of that first look in my full-length cross dressing rooms mirror, never ceases to astound me. Downside, the guilt always hit at some point: not fully understanding why I want to dress and look like a woman.

This lasted a few years, then I married again. Everything went back to the loft. But then, somehow, my wife found out about my cross dressing rooms need. She was ok, considering. She even asked to meet the ‘femme’ me. I did this twice, but second time was the last. She didn’t want it anymore, and truthfully I felt very uncomfortable that time as well. It was like: ‘this is my personal space’ and I really don’t want anybody to know about. Again, everything went back in the loft, and my cross dressing rooms experience began to fade – but within me the underlying passion to express my femininity was still very much under the surface all the time. About three to four years later, I just knew that I had to dress again. But I wanted it to be different, somehow better than before. I wanted to look more convincing than my poor attempts at make up.

New to the internet, I found a cross dressing rooms service, but spent months looking at the website, asking myself – will it be safe and securely confidential?

I will always remember that first visit to her cross dressing rooms – I parked outside her house, thinking ‘you’re going to let a woman you don’t know, put make up on you, dress you in women’s clothes and then take pictures.’ Then asking myself: ‘Are you mad’?

She was lovely though, really enjoyed her cross dressing rooms experience, and when I got home and looked at all the pictures, first thought was ‘it that really me’. So, I just had to go back. The bug had definitely returned. I went to her cross dressing rooms quite frequently over a five-year period. I even lost the guilt feeling, and I didn’t even bother to ask myself ‘Why’ anymore. It’s just me, and part of me.

Sadly these cross dressing rooms shut down when the recession hit, but I still managed more dressing time, when ‘home alone’. That though all stopped a year ago though, and hadn’t dressed now for about 8 months. Dressing in the privacy of my own home somehow lacked that specialness which I felt when I was in the safe and supportive cocoon of the cross dressing rooms. Which brings me to now and the latest point in my feminine journey: to JJ and her fantastic cross dressing rooms service. As before: I checked the website, read and re-read the details a thousand times, being reassured by the testimonials which seemed (and I now know) were so genuine, with my eyes returning again and again to the gallery photographs. Making sure I’d feel safe. Eventually, I made the appointment for a three-hour cross dressing rooms visit.

Everything was just as I had read. Kay opens the cross dressing rooms door to you, and see a stunningly beautiful woman – thinking to myself: if I look 10% as good, it’ll be worthwhile – welcoming you with a friendly, re-assuring smile. Getting to know you chat over a cup of tea; learning about Melissa and her cross dressing rooms journey, her likes, wants and desires. How she likes to dress, make up, hair colour. Revealing Melissa’s essential femininity step by step.

Then it’s time – guided to the dressing room, full of soft colours and feminine scents. Remove my male attire, slip into lacy bra and knickers, satin chemise and robe. My feminine senses are starting to take me over, little by little beginning to overwhelm me. Such wonderful feelings emerging.

Next: the make up room. I have always enjoyed it so much when somebody else puts make up on me, especially when they know what they are doing. But this was like nothing I’d experienced before, and I mean nothing. Relaxed and listening to the gentle background music, my femme feeling increasing even more as Kay applies false nails. I can’t believe my emotions at this point, and Kay hasn’t even started on the make up yet, and what follows only enhances my inner feelings in her cross dressing rooms.

The cross dressing rooms music then changes to what I would perhaps describe as almost hypnotic (although it wasn’t used for this purpose) just amazingly relaxing. Facial massage with soothing creams followed by a face mask. Then, while the mask got to work, I was left alone with my inner feminine excitement for ten minutes. All I could think about was never before had a makeover gone to so much length and attention. Sitting there in her cross dressing rooms, with my eyes closed, I really began to inwardly think that I was a woman and I was in an expensive beauty parlour. Such an intense and incredible feeling. Kay returns, and not for the first time, asks if I’m ok, and reassures me.

Make over now starts, and Kay pays so much attention to detail, everything has to be perfect and to her satisfaction before she’ll continue. I had to resist the desire to have a quick peek in the mirror, I didn’t want to spoil the finished cross dressing rooms effect. Singing to the music on the radio, talking to me all the time, still relaxing me. I know, even at this point, I’m going to look better than ever before.

Finally finished, Kay satisfied, we move to another room, to choose the wig. Sitting, facing the cross dressing rooms mirror, eyes closed, a wig put on my head, styled, before I’m allowed to open my eyes.

Mmm … not sure, think it makes me look too old. Doesn’t matter, try another, shut eyes again. Placed on my head, styled again, and even at this point, I knew it’s going to be perfect. Open eyes, OMG, different shades of brown, fringe partly covering my eyebrows, length below my shoulders, sort of wavy at bust length. Also, the first time I’ve really seen the results of the cross dressing rooms make over. I involuntarily let out a gasp, as Kay moves away to bring some clothes for me to try. Again, stops to ask if I’m ok. Is that really me the reflection I can see? I am absolutely stunned at this gorgeous woman in the mirror before me. Kay brings a red bra and a semi sheer black chiffon robe, left open. One of the desires I expressed earlier, was to sometimes dress in a way where I can show some cleavage. This was definitely achieved. Photo after photo then followed during my cross dressing rooms visit. Again Kay, not satisfied until she has at least one perfect picture that’ll really show me as the woman I want to be.

Sadly, we had run out of time. My fault as I probably rambled on too much at the beginning, with nervous type talk taking over. The whole cross dressing rooms experience is one I want to repeat, and I certainly will, and soon. This time though, it’s going to be for four hours and not a minute less.

If I was to try and sum up my experience it’d be that: Kays cross dressing rooms service is totally different to any other dressing service I’ve been to. It’s not just a makeover, give you a wig and some clothes to wear. From the minute you walk in, it’s about the inner you as well. Bringing the female side out, leaving the male you at the front door.

So, I think Kay achieved the cross dressing rooms look for me that I wanted, and think I do look like a woman, but importantly for me, I also think I began to feel like one as well. Finding Kays cross dressing service rooms is like a new chapter in Melissa’s life. Not only looking like a woman, but increasing the inner emotions to also feel and improve mannerisms to act like one. I can see a new journey beginning and, although not sure where it will lead, I’m very excited about finding out with JJ’s help, guidance, and reassurance. Without trying to get me to do something I really don’t want to, but also provide a friendly hand to hold to push my boundaries to achieve and feel greater femininity.

Anyone with thought of visiting a cross dressing rooms service I would definitely recommend Kay as she has so much understanding, and really cares about your visit and that you achieve what you set out for. Thanks Kay not just for opportunity of bringing Melissa back to life, but bringing life to Melissa and subtly hinting there is much more fun and exciting time’s to come. Melissa Xx

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