Pamper yourself at crossdressing services in Hudderfield with an holistic rebalancing massage

Additional holistic treatments available.

Posted March 17, 2019 by Kristina

If you need a little extra pampering take a look at the Additional holistic treatments available.

At the Crossdressing Service, Kay will take you on your own personal journey of discovery. Guiding and supporting you to become the lady you deserve to be. The Crossdressing Service process will pamper, nurture, create and put you in touch with your unique feminine self and bring the girl within to life.


It is my pleasure to support you in taking those first amazing important steps, supporting you through your transformation process and revealing to you your beautiful femininity. It is our intention to turn your desires and dreams into a wonderful reality.

The Crossdressing Service house offers you a safe and secure environment in which you can explore your feminine side in depth. We understand that for some crossdressing brings deep feelings guilt, anxiety and confusion about identity. We are trained to support you through these and provide a listening and supportive non judgmental ears so you will be heard and work with you to overcome these feelings and allow yourself to be exactly who you want to be. My pledge to you is when you walk through our doors we will welcome and embrace the joy of your individuality and the beauty within.

Now is the time to let go and explore taking time to relax into the real you. Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to find blissful contentment, enjoying the magical transformation experience that Victoria or Kristina will provide.

At the Crossdressing Service in Huddersfield West Yorkshire, you will find so much happiness as the real you is revealed to be the beauty she really is.

You will indulge in a face massage, scrub, cleanse and tone before enjoy having your make up professionally applied. Along the way there is engaging conversation and we will offer lots of advice and tips so if you choose to you can recreate the look yourself.

You will be invited to dive into our extensive wardrobe with so many options to chose from Fabulous high quality clothing and accessories in all sizes. Our Crossdressing wardrobe includes only the finest fabrics including lace, satin, chenille, velvet and leather to name a few.

Imagine being surrounded with so much choice and being able to indulge in trying on beautiful lingerie, bras, panties, sheer stockings and suspenders, pantyhose, and tights how would that make you feel?

Maybe you want to try on one of our many vollers top quality corsets to give you that to-die-for hourglass silhouette, which oozes femininity. Over breast forms which accentuate your feminine shape. We have wigs in every shade and style and a range of high heeled ladies shoes to die for.

Or maybe I can tempt you to really indulge and try one of our holistic treatments, ladies do love to pamper themselves and you can indulge in a beautiful massage, manicure, pedicure, or reiki treatment to really complete your incredible day at the Crossdressing Service House. You may like to add onto this a soak in the bath which you are invited to submerge yourself in the ultimate luxury of scented bath oil and soft candles a place where you can really relax. What more could a girl want?????