Crossdressing advice from the Crossdressing Services I am here to help, support and guide yo in your journey.

Cross Dressing Advice

I am so delighted to give my T-girl friends tips and crossdressing advice about clothes and exquisite lingerie, fabulous make-up all ultra-feminine of course.

I consult with Kay about the best crossdressing advice to pass onto their girls. I adore Chanel and Jimmy Choo, and my favourite lingerie store is Rigby and Peller: when I can afford such luxuries.

Bethan Jane will provide her dressing services advice page a regular flow of tips for the woman within you: this may be about an article she has read in a magazine or newspaper, or about the best places to acquire lingerie, or the latest styles in make-up and various products. Plus so many other girlie treats with special offers.

I will always give you expert guidance and advice: it is natural to be overawed by the decisions before you. But that is part of the wonder of being a woman. You will be overjoyed with the feminine ambience of the dressing services apartment, the professionalism of her makeup skill, the sensuality of the clothes you will wear, the sublime and blissful feelings which you will experience. There is no need for guilt or anxiety here. When you visit the dressing services, you have come safely home

When you see that reflection in the dressing services mirror, you will understand that she bears no resemblance to the masculine shell which has been discarded. And like so many others before, you too might decide to experience the incredible glamour of a crossdressing photo-shoot..