Cross Dressing Services in Huddersfield

Some crossdressing advice for our readers, friends and family

Partners Family and Friends

The initial shock wave.

My husband/fiancee/boyfriend/partner/Dad/ Grandfather/ brother/ uncle/best friend is a cross-dresser !

I don’t know what to think, I don’t know what to do, I would have never expected this from him!! I don’t wish to know anymore, because in my head I have too many questions, but I am soo ashamed of him and embarrassed to ask him why?


Cross Dressing Advice

I am so delighted to give my T-girl friends tips and crossdressing advice about clothes and exquisite lingerie, fabulous make-up all ultra-feminine of course.

I consult with Kay about the best crossdressing advice to pass onto their girls. I adore Chanel and Jimmy Choo, and my favourite lingerie store is Rigby and Peller: when I can afford such luxuries.